About Us

Two years ago we got ourselves our first puppy.  What a ride it's been!  So much to learn about puppies.  It took some time to get her used to us, our home and our lives and even more to learn how to communicate with her and learn her likes and dislikes.  

I quickly learned that Pumpkin didn't like to wear things.  I so wanted to put clothing or hats on her.  I decided I would buy her fun collars—but it would be expensive to buy so many for our moods. 

This is when I decided to make bandanas for her.  I started out by making triangles and tying them but she even hated that, the ties sticking up bothered her.  So I moved to snaps. First I tried the metal ones but I soon found they were difficult to put on. It would be worse for those dogs with short hair, the snaps get hot and bothersome. I found plastic ones that are much better and come in fun colors.

I had to shorten the bib so that she didn't try to tear it off. This became a bandana that she quickly got used to, and now always needs to have on! I gifted these to friends and they were quite popular, and thus, Dog-go was born. I considered maybe more dogs out there would love to wear these too, and sure enough they were a hit. I created patterns for dogs of all different sizes, from the very smallest to the very biggest!

Requests soon came in for bandanas for cats too. We ran some tests and discovered that even the fussiest of cats wear the bandanas for months in a row!  

Doggo Treasures can help you and your pet express yourselves with our wide range of bandanas. Speak to us about custom orders too!